This time I’m not posting a new drawing or else, just a couple cute mochis ^ ^ Mochi!Morocco and Mochi!France, to be precise ~ ♥ (I’m still hesistating concerning Morocco’s last name, let’s call him just Yas’ for the moment).

Those who have absolutly no idea about French history or its relations with North Africa (especially its colonies /protectorates) won’t get why I ship these two together. Q v Q 

All I’ll tell you know is that Morocco’s the first arab and african ally of France at absolutly ALL levels, as military (the World Wars for exemple), economy, policy, trade, culture, etc. Their relation is built on a strong common history dating back to first centuries. And they still get along well until nowadays , these countries call themselves ” friends ” since there’s no great need of formality between’em (I’m talking about real life here, not Hetalia. xD).

Anyways! There’s too much to say, so I’ll explain all this to you by drawing it and describing it ~ You can also just google ” Morocco and France ”, and review some stuff quickly to get a small idea, if interested. o v o

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